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My name is Victoria, 27 years: Do you believe in fairy-tales? Me - yes. I am kind person and believe in surprises from Destiny. I try to live correctly. I don't like to quarrel and to waste my energy. I like to meet people who teach us different lessons of this life. This is experience and i definitely have it. That is why i think i am interesting person. Lets check it by getting acquaintance!.


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#1 klaustwink1: North Korea is already a live action conspiracy theory. It's hilarious the Eddie wants to make it more absurd.

#2 sergardeo: Great video. Makes you feel like you're onboard!

#3 ublhjgjybrf: good

#4 camper93: That ain't no 92 chevy

#5 agboagbo: que coca em graa da

#6 fireoftime: 3.43 best

#7 belweder: song that used at opening ?

#8 ananda: Ban Irony!

#9 vfhbrc: Is that tasty Morninig Moo's I see? Nice!

#10 l2dva: I like yours Kayla,Emily and Evelyn.

#11 magodocaos: I think she was in a car crash

#12 andreei: For your next video can you do full history on every Infinity Stone of the MCU.

#13 kashim: Haahhahaah im dying at 0:39

#14 linner1: dude in the suit is a couple levels of weird

#15 angelus1987: can you put more cuts in? i dont think there are enough i mean i can almost understand whats going on

#16 Minor: The Important Playlist is the new bible

#17 divino: Hitler is looking down on us going hey you guys miss me yet i warned you

#18 Jekamen: Any top 10 UFC lightweight would flatten him.

#19 natswaychek: Zombies on Power Rangers, and very convincing ones. I didn't see that coming.

#20 Gotorn: Anderson a bottom boy? Yuuuuup. What a freak of nature. Makes my skin crawl

#21 wingofdestiny: Chanel

#22 paragon100500: I ve back pain since I was 15 used to over the counter pain meds to fight it daily exercise is imp in manor chronic pain I used to do exercise daily suddenly my pain went worst n I got abdominal pain being a female went to gynecologist for 5 yrs she kept me in dark saying it's all in my mind pain went worst I was not on any pain meds at this pt my physical activities deteriorated n went worst to the pt that I was bed rest n finally I looked for another gynecologist n found out I ve endromitrious which was worst now the pain was unbearable so started oxy after surgery found out my back issues went worst it was suppose to cause I wasn't able to do any exercise at all cause of endromitrious. I ve being using my pain meds in control n use it only if I am in pain but I nvr had to start on it if my first doc wud ve listen to me at first n not just ignore n say it's all in my mind. Some docs r really dum or working just for money. Some Patiences don't create prob they go to doc only n only if they really ve a prob.

#23 gabhoebahoe: 2:10 wtf is this kid.eagles AND colts?

#24 DartVauder5: Pelotudo messi es el mejor del mundo crisput*

#25 popoioio: omg earth is tiny

#26 mygnomeg: Its actually there is bearcum

#27 DARKDancer: Courtney has undergone a plastic surgery which i think did not go so well

#28 noeksp1992: 1 Pedro 1:16 Y si invocais por Padre a aquel que sin acepcion de personas juzga segun la obra de cada uno, conducios en temor todo el tiempo de vuestra peregrinacion.

#29 camom1le: Whats the name of the song baller something

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free amature home made bisex
My name is Dorothy, 26.: Serious and responsible by nature. Ambitious, disciplined and persistent person. I believe, that my best trait is self-control and ability to lead the way, make solid and realistic plans and accomplish them with effort and work. I think that is the only way to success. I often learn from my mistakes and base on my experience. Of course, life is not only job and goals for me. I like fun, humor, have many friends, the great family. I am very sensitive, caring and devoted person.

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Hey guys I messed around with this recipe a lot and if you're using a pound of ground beef I found this works best: For missing amounts: 1/2 cup cream, 3/4 cup seasoned breadcrumbs, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp pepper, 1/2 onion bake instead of fry if you're using ground beef otherwise you're likely to burn the outside before cooking all the way through 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes for the sauce, add a little soy at a time, it really doesn't take much for it to get salty the saltiness will increase as you cook the sauce what seems like a good amount the beginning may turn out to be way to much I did all of this and it turned out amazing, good luck!

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Not sure what any of this is supposed to show.

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I prefer taking a look at the other houses.maybe there are better ones

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Can you shoot Number 3 in the taint?

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Great tutorial Would love to see the box pleats tutorial as well.thank you :D

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Everyone remembers that WVU team. Probably the most remembered 7 win team in college football history lmao

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Megusta chica

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Photo Shop! Nice try .

#10 06.05.2018 at 00:19 maryann:
I think Bobby is trying to create content that he thinks that Shane's audience would like, instead of creating content that he (Bobby personally likes. With his vlogs, I think he was trying to show his friend group like Shane shows Garrett, Morgan, Andrew. What Bobby doesn't understand is that it just looks like we are watching a conversation we were not a part of, with people we do not know. In my opinion, Bobby needs to create content by himself. If he wants to introduce his friends into the content, do it slowly, not with everyone all at once. Just my two cents.

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Excelente informacion.Graciassss

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What screen saver do you use?

#13 27.05.2018 at 22:14 cothuk80:
Why is there sonic mania music even though this was posted in 2016?

#14 03.06.2018 at 21:30 njuysbtngbj:
y los 2 equipitos Regios c dicen GRANDES, Jajajaja

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Al chile Han solo era el mejor de Piloto,mamalon,guapo y se cojio a una puta princesa buena y hermosa Asi que chinge asu madre aquel que digan que Han Solo es el peor Por que voy y le agarro un huevo y se lo arranc y se lo doy Ami perrito

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Whats your otro song its awesome

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Que buen juguete! Eres lo mejor LolaLand

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por que tubo que pasarlo eso a neymar csm

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shape of you

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It's pretty sad liberals still trying to defend Hillary after all of her corruptions have been exposed. Poor souls but big government politicians rely on people like you.

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Singing in the rain

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Stupid . amateur lack of knowledge

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Actually the better option to pick in the prison dillemma is the second one. If both are put in seperate cells and have no idea what the other is saying, they have two options: Take the risk of remaining silent, but if your partner confesses and betrays you, you would get 10 years. The safer and quite frankly, better option is to just confess and deal with 5 years of imprisonment. Remember that they both don't know what the other is saying and we can't assume that the two thieves trust each other with their life and both remain silent. So in the end the answer in this video isn't wrong, but not the best option either.

#25 26.07.2018 at 19:39 shooroopik:
21 Savage!

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Hehehe.poor baby

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Angry Golden State montage.

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Is Kendall on here to talk about her party? That's why she's a guest?~!