Harry and hermione secretly hookup fanfiction

harry and hermione secretly hookup fanfiction
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Harry&Hermione love story episode 1

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DESCRIPTION: It was incredibly brave, even if it was pointless; he didn't spare anyone. He was positive that bastard Snape was purposely hurting him; after nearly two months of Occlumency lessons fabfiction still hadn't learned anything, and his dreams were actually getting worse. He really hated the chosen-one business, but knowing they feared him made him feel oddly good..

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The Bet, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

But for once in my life I made a decision entirely on my own and I could do anything I wanted with my choice. Draco's mouth dropped open and he waited for the lying alarms to set off but it was quiet. And one Slytherin was half smiling at the scene before turning her attention to the Head table. Harry's eyes narrowed dangerously. When the owls flooded into the Great Hall, a smile briefly crossed his face before he quickly repressed it. A bright smile dominated her face when she saw how easy it was. The news therein had been grim.


harry and hermione secretly hookup fanfiction
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Picking up her books, she turned around, only to be stopped by his voice. She noticed, as her pulse accelerated, that they flickered with shadows from the common room fire..

  • But you seem awfully bothered that I know what she said..
  • The School Slut Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

But for once in my life I made a decision entirely on my own and I could do anything I wanted with my choice..

  • Mar 23, - Can she hook-up with 30 guys in 2 months? Major lemons She turned towards Harry and Ron and said "Hey! I'm Head Girl! . He had had a secret crush on Hermione since 5th year and it wasn't stopping just yet. He waited.
  • May 3, - Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all its associated characters belong to J. and Warner Brothers. I am not writing All guys secretly want to sweep his girl off her feet, right? . Whoever you hook up with will be the luckiest guy alive.
  • May 12, - Disclaimer: I do not own any characters etc. of Harry Potter . Secret sleepover at home. Use sex "Don't tell Harry I'm looking for a hookup!

A bright smile dominated her face when she saw how easy it was. She pulled him down and gave him a bottle of butter beer that had been chilling in the ice bucket at the centre of the table. His funeral was so well attended harry and hermione secretly hookup fanfiction were forced to hold it in the Quidditch World Cup stadium. The Dark Lord unhooked the leg and banished the metal piece. Stupid greasy git,' and then continue playing harry and hermione secretly hookup fanfiction against Dean while Hermione would tut and chide him about working harder while reminding him that it was 'Professor Snape,' as if the evil man ever earned such respect.

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