Redwood drive in theatre and swap meet

redwood drive in theatre and swap meet
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Joe Bob Briggs - Last Drive-In Theater, 2-24-1996

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DESCRIPTION: Im very excited, its a real treat Dnon. Yes, this drive-in was clean, with pleasant employees, but without the old the traditiona l dancing hotdogs countdown to movie, it wasn't as unique. As we pulled in, a couple of guys qnd us to a parking space and told us that we could only park in that space and nowh.

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Swap Meet Redwood Drive In Theatre

Love the fact that your not being bothered by those people who can't keep their mouth's shut during the movie. I recently went to the Drive-in. We began to watch the second film. What's more, lawn chairs and blankets ARE permitted! No consistenc y with their rules about trucks and suvs been told many times they have to park in the back half then tonight get told it's not busy enough for that requiremen t Despite the fact the scree

Redwood Drive-In Theatre.

redwood drive in theatre and swap meet
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You can find anything there..

  • Its such a fun experience, and I am actually going on a date there tonight!.
  • Redwood Drive-In Theatre S Redwood Rd, West Valley City, UT -

Unfriendly , disrespect ful staff..

  • Welcome to the Redwood Drive In Theatre website, a multiple screen drive-in and upcoming attractions, pictures, snack bar menu, and swap meet information.‎Swap Meet · ‎Swap Meet Vendor Info · ‎Movies Coming Soon to · ‎Coupons.
  • Welcome to the Redwood Drive In Theatre website, a multiple screen drive-in and upcoming attractions, pictures, snack bar menu, and swap meet information.
  • The Swap Meet is open Saturdays and Sundays year round! Starting April 21st we will operate on summer hours. The buyers gate will open at 7am and the.

What's more, lawn chairs and blankets ARE permitted! Just my 2 cents. Carrie Zander Houston October 30, Ruined my experience when my little buddies couldn't come in my car. Get rid of redwoid mean employee and get bet

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