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#1 vladi1: and i wonder where did it gets its power? where r the solar panels?

#2 vitos774: at 1:29 , the lips of the character on screen are in sync with his voice

#3 macryak: Before watching: I'm expecting the Glitch that created the Spy Class in the Team Fortress Series to be on here. Opening: I guess the weather in the UK is glitching. Most unexpected.

#4 reign: Imagine if Harper like jumped and swung?

#5 dimon26: Just answer the question. Stop trying to impress Natalie

#6 gera47: Apple and other corporations like them are TAX DODGERS and that is all they are. Just like Donnie is a TAX DODGER!

#7 frost1611: Me encantan estas canciones

#8 motocaras: 3:59 the best one yet! well in my opinion.XD)

#9 inkasssator: The 'Opioid Epidemic is biased propaganda. There is addiction.that's not a new thing.and was worse in the 60s and 70s. It's NOT a physicians fault.PLACING BLAME just buys a person time so they don't feel the need to face their problem. Less than 2 of say.pain patients become addicted to their medication. Just like all other false flags, the opioid issue is mostly street heroin, fentanyl, and other street drugs. FYI from 1999-2014, antidepressants more than quadrupled. Many patients who suffer with chronic pain are TOLD they are depressed and ARE TAKING more than 1 antidepressant AND. ANTIDEPRESSANTS DIRECTLY CAUSE PEOPLE WHO TAKE THEM TO COMMIT SUICIDE. Get the facts!

#10 HARRON1990: 10:33 At first I thought that little dude was a younger Noah Schnapp lol

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HELLO! Sociopaths dictate and run the entire world, have been since almost as long as earth has had life upon it! Even Jesus backed that up some 2000 years ago, and even before that thru the bible. many times! Sociopaths are the best actors in the world and they have united to use the calculated coldness of their reptile minds to gain power over humanity. As a true rebornChristian the verse While we are to live within this world, we are not of this world Satan is the ruler of this present world and the list goes on. and their world will eventually run off the rails and the truth will emerge from the ashes. The spirit of Lucifer is a great deceiver, a thief and a murderer, and The spirit of God isliving spirit of Truth, Justice, Mercy, and Freedom! And God said I set before you life and death blessings and curses therefore chose!

#2 25.04.2018 at 15:03 hapumierda:
THIS IS MY FAVOURITE JRE EP EVER! What a rare human being. For any Yanks thinking all Aussies are this cool. Sorry to burst your bubble, they're not. I've been searching for blokes that have a similar approach to life as I do. They're not abundant trust me. Glad to have found Adam. How much do I owe Mr Joe Rogan, Jamie and this podcast. It's without doubt the most valuable media of any form that I've digested. For me it is anyway. It's been powerful and transformative. Mental, spiritual and physical sustenance. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart guys. Please keep up the exceptional work.

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y yo que pense que hariamos unos shorts con los pantalones viejos jaja

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Qualifications in finding shit. Thats new rabbid

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Awesome. So girls, *Know your power *Know your strength*

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Amazing, no. Useful, yes.

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That is one fancy meat pie

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You can still get the Fiona Stiles Matte foundation on ShopReedClarke I believe.

#10 10.06.2018 at 23:53 lolasman12:
hy guyz how is the channel

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LOL I'm going to a mansion for real

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One of the comets must have brought life some where in the universe

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Defango blatantly flipped the 666 hand sign/symbol just like trump/drumpf. He is a Freemason just like nearly everyone on YouTube/the web. All Freemasons other secret societies worship satan/Lucifer as their god. Such a fallen world.

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He becomes a meme .

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Antonio should have been in there from Samurai

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I don't understand why the Magna Defender doesn't count as a Ranger. Sure, he doesn't have Ranger in his name, but neither did Solaris Knight and people consider him a ranger. Magna also had a morpher, which pretty much means that he's a Ranger, and a Zord as well.

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No more Ice Cream? What is this McDonalds?

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So so fake

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Interviewer: So what do you have for breakfast Miranda? Miranda: starvation w hot water and lemon juice

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0:46 this looks like a plane built in Kerbal Space Program.

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