Why am i sexually attracted to my mother

why am i sexually attracted to my mother
My name is Alexandra, 27 years: I am loyal and helpful to my friends and my beloved, and stand by their side no matter what happens. I have one very interesting quality - I can FEEL people, look inside their souls, discover their nature. I could even work for some security service like CIA or MI. Haha! Would i be a good agent?.

Why Does My Mom Turn Me On?

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DESCRIPTION: Verified by Psychology Today. Such feelings are not recognized yo our society and be regarded as something bad. Every man who loves his mother will date a woman who reminds him of her. Submitted by Gagan Kumar Prajapati on February 2, - 7: I am pursuing engineering..

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Unfortunately, i can't afford to see a therapist, that's actually kind of why i joined this site, do you know of anyone on here that can help my problem? G Submitted by Johann on May 21, - 2: There are many sons how find there own mother attractive, very few of them would admit it, please recognise that. What should i do? There are millions of hot women on planet earth.

I think i'm attracted to my own mother? What should i do?.

why am i sexually attracted to my mother
My name is Allison, 25.: How it’s good sometimes to think about your character and discover what you like in yourself and what you want to improve! Let me tell you some features I see at myself! I like that I am very responsible, purposeful, thoughtful, responsive, have a good sense of humor and affectionate person. I love having the intelligence to learn new things, and the courage to risk failure! My heart is full of love! I try to avoid conflict situations and don’t like to argue or being jealous. I’m romantic person and pay a lot of attention to feelings. I will never hurt someone else and will not like to be hurt too. My friends say that I have a strong desire for life and to find my true love.

If you are having serious suicidal thoughts and feelings, please call your country's suicide hotline. His marriage never kastest he was controlling and mentally abusive..

  • If a boy's mother is young and attractive, he could have such feelings..
  • Q. How to overcome sexual attraction towards my mother?
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  • How to overcome sexual attraction towards my mother?

Every man who loves his mother will date a woman who reminds him of her..

  • Apr 30, - It looks like you've fallen victim to GSA - Genetic Sexual Attraction. I had the same happen to me when I met my half-sister for the first time when we were both already adults. Close relatives go through what is known as - correction: what is hyp I am sexually attracted to my mother, what's wrong with me?
  • Hi doctor,. I am a 22 years old male. I feel sexually attracted to my own mother. I had some mild feelings since childhood, but it became strong since teenage. I started feeling to be loved by mom as her son and sexually too. I sometimes feel guilty about it. But, I could not control myself. I saw my mother naked sometimes and.
  • Jan 18, - Slowly as I grew up to 14 or 15 I guess I started moving and pressing my penis towards my mom's ass when she was asleep and I began to feel good, that's how I learnt masturbating, well when I was 16 my mom started avoiding me and told me that I could hug her in sleep but to keep my legs at a distance.

I live my life according to some morals and rules I have developed, which I know are very good. Follow the rules of reddit. A male ageanonymous writes: He is 50 now, and she 75, and he is still doing it. People with what is unofficially known why am i sexually attracted to my mother the 'Oedipus Complex' often have hostile feelings towards their father, in some extreme cases they have tried to harm, even murder their fathers. I agree with anonymous "Something else to consider. I am concerned that he thought it was appropriate to share men looking for men palm springs feelings with you even though you say he later regretted sending the email.

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